The environment consists of all things—living and nonliving—that have an impact on human existence. It is critical to the smooth operation of our daily life and must be respected. The environment/nature, as well as the magnificent species that inhabit it, existed long before the human home. Every species on the planet, whether on land or in water, coexisted harmoniously.

It was after the beginning of human civilization and industrialisation that the chaos began. In the beginning, humans used the environment as a means to an end, without giving any attention to the implications of their actions or the respect that they should have shown to the environment, which serves as a facilitator for life on Earth.

The significance of the environment in human life

  • Environmental resources, which include both renewable and nonrenewable resources, are available for use in the production of goods and services.
  • The environment includes the elements of sunlight, water, air, and soil, all of which are essential for human survival. It ensures the continuation of life by maintaining genetic variation and biodiversity.
  • The production and consumption of activities generate waste, which is primarily in the form of garbage, which the environment assists in the removal.
  • Humans are only able to appreciate the beauty of mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, and a plethora of other stunning natural components because the environment is still in existence.

The reason for protecting the environment

  • Our surroundings provide a home for our ecosystem and aids in its development. Unless we protect our ecosystem, animals, crops, and ultimately ourselves, are in risk.
  • We humans would be unable to survive if there were no environment in which to dwell. We would also be unable to find other means of survival.
  • Because if our environment is not preserved, forests would be extinct, and with them, the trees that supply us with the essentials for survival, such as oxygen to breathe and the materials for building, wood, oils, and a variety of other items.
  • Every day, we witness an increase in the temperature of the earth. This is due to the fact that we misuse the environment rather than conserving it. Humans are responsible for a significant amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which has a significant impact on climate change.
  • The environment has a positive impact on the economy as well. Increased nature-based tourism is encouraged by a healthy environment.
  • Cases of Asthma and Bronchitis would diminish if we protected our environment and provided one another with a safe environment to breathe in on a consistent basis.
Soil Erosion leading to infertile land
Protecting Earth is our responsibilty